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Speakcheesy's Hillery Sawyer Featured in Shoutout Atlanta

Shoutout Atlanta recently interviewed Hill (Hillery) Sawyer, the owner of Speakcheesy! Here's a snippet of the interview, and we'd like to invite you to read the entire article!

I started Speakcheesy as a late night food truck concept with my two best friends in 2014. It was my 27th birthday and three financially challenged young women prepared and gathered to celebrate with a dinner in lue of expensive gifts. I had been a vegetarian for 9 years, and really I should say cheesatarian with some veggies thrown in. Cheese had been a passion and obsession of mine since middle school so naturally grilled cheese was an excellent vehicle for feeding myself through college and into my first career as a freelance marketer. I graduated from Kraft singles pretty early and found my passion for cheese after having my first bite of a four year old aged white cheddar at the age of 13 on my first visit to Whole Foods with my aunt. It was life changing. So back to this birthday dinner, my friends Caroline Atkins and Lillian Shaw were also broke so they offered to make me whatever I wanted for dinner. I told them “I wanted the best, most gourmet grilled cheese ever’.”

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