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Speakcheesy is Moving!

Hey cheese friends! Have you heard the news? Speakcheesy ATL is moving from Mell Ave to McLendon Ave! Our new location will be opening at the end of June and we’ll be turning into a pop-up kitchen at our current location until that move is complete!

Our ATL kitchen will be closed outside of these pop up hours. These dates will be pre-orders and first-come-first-serve only! You will need to place your order by 10 am each day in order to shop for that day’s available menu. Each day will have a different menu + tubs of our cheese blends, and some provisions available for take home meals.

For our new kitchen location, it is in the same building, but will have direct McLendon Street access and will now be on the lower level of the front left hand side of the church, if you are looking at the building from across the street at Candler Park.

We will be expanding our retail and wholesale options to include gorgeous teas and espresso and coffee. More breakfasty items and provisions will be available too!

There will be some new picnic table and bistro seating options right across from the park for those sunny summer mornings and cool nights!

We are making this move to gain more visibility for our retail store and have more accessibility with a wheel chair ramp right to our register.

Before all this takes place we’ll be moving into pop-up mode! Our food truck business is growing at the same time as our move so we will have limited days with designated hours. Sign up for our mailing list to receive the menus and make your choices before they drop!

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